The BC Curriculum ADST section is very comprehensive! Teachers have expressed confusion with the language although it really is possible to understand how it will fit into our classroom. The language is set up in the same way as any Curriculum in BC; with a section of Competencies and a section on Content. The intention is to use the Content to address the Competencies. If you don’t see any content that works for you, just develop a project, or “Big Idea” that will fulfill the Competencies. Click on the headings below for ideas!

ADST Curricular Competencies

ADST Competencies Teachables The BC Curriculum offers a content section from which teachers can choose 3 areas. If you didn’t see any content that worked

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ADST Content Areas

ADST Content Teachables The BC Curriculum website lists Content that can be used to fulfill the ADST requirements, listed in the columns below. Students are

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