The first thing to build is the frame. Gather the frame pieces, which are the two long ones that match and two of the three shorter pieces. You will also need other bits, which are detailed below.

You will be assembling the frame so that the shorter pieces are on the inside of the frame.

Go through the packages and find 16 each of the small bolts, washers and t-cap threaded thingies.i gently threaded them together. Be really careful to not cross-thread them! Find the corner brackets (shown above) and push the bolt/t-thingie through them. You might not be able to fit them through the hole…just take them apart and reassemble in place.



Attach corner brackets to short rails. Make sure the bracket sides are flush with the edge of the rails.

Sometimes the small "T" anchors can be tricky to get into the channel. Use a screwdriver to gently push them in. Another thing you can do is get them roughly into place, than start tightening the allen bolt. They will usually find their spots and get nice and tight.

Attach the brackets to both ends of the 2 short channels.

Attach the long rails to the ends of the short rails you just assembled. You can push the already assembled bolt/anchors though the hole on the corner bracket.

Spend a bit of time to get the ends all tight without any gaps. You can loosen the allen bolts, shift things around, than re-tighten.

Find a really flat surface. A thick piece of glass, or a table saw surface works well. Lay the frame down and push the corners. Make sure the frame doesnt tip at can loosen the bracket bolts, push down the corners and re-tighten.

Well Done!! You are finished the frame. I admit, I found this pretty tricky, as the threads are a bit rough and sometimes tough to fit down the channels. The following steps, I think, are easier.