WOW! So close to being done! Nice job! Adding the supports and wiring up the brain is the last step before programming and testing it all out! I will remind you now... please be careful of the laser! We won't wire it in until everything is setup but ALWAYS be aware of it. It can blind a person in a microsecond!

You will need to find the four plastic pieces left, the wires, PCB and screws! There are also a set of four brass stand-offs for the PCB and 8 small screws that will thread into the standoffs.

Bolt on the legs first. With the machine facing you, X-Axis going left to right, I attached the PCB to the bottom right corner. No particular reason, that is just the way it happened... Make sure the legs are flat to the frame. If they bend out, you may need to move the frame joints a bit.

Be sure to bend the drive belts up so they don't get squished.

The last leg is also the PCB support. It is easiest to first attach the brain to the leg. Use the standoffs to support the PCB. I attached the standoffs to the plastic first, than screwed the PCB to the standoffs.

Once the PCB is solid, screw the plastic to the frame. Make sure the plugs are facing UP...

Take a close look at the wires. One end of each wire has 4 pins, the other has 5.

Also notice that the sockets are labelled... the X goes to the motor on one side of the X-Axis. The Y goes to the motor on the gantry with the laser.

One wire has only three single wires. It is for the laser. What I did was attach the wire to the laser but not to the PCB yet. I really want to be sure everything is working well before adding the laser.

I think now is a good point to re-stress the dangers of a laser. Sure, I know, this one is not powerful, but it can burn and blind you or any observers in a microsecond. Always wear correct eye protection and ensure the laser is pointed down at the work surface. Make sure nothing else is in the path of the laser!