By now you should have assembled the Frame, X-Axis and Y-Axis. Remember that the X-Axis is the line of travel along the long edge of the frame. The Y-Axis goes across the frame the other way. Make sure your frame is nice and flat and the axis pieces are rolling happily along their frame rails.

Now we can install the belts, which is a pretty big jump closer to completion!

Now would be a good time to gather all your parts together. Find the three belts and the little threaded “t” pieces first. They look similar to the hardware for the frame, just smaller and lighter. 

The two long belts are for the X-axis channels and the shorter one is for the Y-Axis.

Installing the belts is simple, just push them through the channels and over the motor gear. If you havent installed the gear yet, now is a good time...

Be sure to get the gears in the right way... the section of the gear that is ribbed for the belt should line up with the channel. Make sure they are nice and snug on the steel shaft.

Pull the belt all the way through the channel to the end. Pull about 1" out each end and secure with the little "t" hardware. It just pushes on the belt to secure it. Gently pull the belt to remove slack while you tighten the hardware.

Repeat the same process with the Y-Axis. It is the same idea, just a bit fussy to thread the belt through the box section.

Make sure the belt lines up with the channel, than tighten the drive gear on the motor shaft. Remember to line up one of the screws with the flat part of the motor shaft.

Now you can bolt the top Y-Axis channel to the X-Axis sections you built earlier. Use 4 of the thick bolts. They thread into the ends of the channel section. In the photo I show it bolted together, but you will be bolting it together ON the frame because the belts are holding the X-Axis sections in place. You can roll the back and forth to line things up and ensure you have a 90 degree angle frame and Y-Axis.

You are really close to being finished! All thats left is to attach the legs, PCB (brain) and wiring!