Building the Crafts Man Laser Engraver

An ADST teachers resource

Install the Drive Belts

Installing the Drive Belts Teachables By now you should have assembled the Frame, X-Axis and Y-Axis. Remember that the X-Axis is the line of travel

Add the Legs and Brain!

Attach the Legs and Brain! Teachables WOW! So close to being done! Nice job! Adding the supports and wiring up the brain is the last

Loading the Software

Loading the Software Teachables Now that you have a machine all built up, it needs to be controlled. The software is just an interface between

Building the Frame

Building the Frame Teachables The first thing to build is the frame. Gather the frame pieces, which are the two long ones that match and

X-Axis Assembly

Building the X-Axis Teachables After you have built the frame, start putting together the X-Axis. It is basically just two assemblies on either side that

Y-Axis Assembly

Building the Y-Axis Teachables The Y-axis is similar to the X-Axis but sandwiches the Y axis frame piece. It also holds the Laser and Motor,

I found this machine on Amazon for $240 USD. With free shipping and delivered in about 5 days I thought it was a pretty small risk. I liked that the machine used parts that were easily adapted, changed or replaced, so if I wanted to upgrade or fix anything, it would be simple and cheap. The hardware is all simple and easily assembled and the electronics are all Arduino, with GRBL as the motor control. With all of the free stuff on the web for this environment, it really is a great package!

This machine is NOT for cutting. It really does not have the power. It IS, however, an awesome engraver. It burns super accurately and is really easy to use. My plans are to upgrade the laser, maybe even retro-fit a small spindle to cut wood and PCB's. I will do tutorials as I make changes!

PLEASE be careful of the laser in this project. It can damage your eyes instantly. It can burn skin easily. I am not responsible for ANY damages to person or property as a result of building this machine.